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About Us

Northside L Federal Credit Union was originally chartered in 1937 for employees of the CTA. This credit union is one of the oldest CTA credit unions. 


Membership now includes employees of Metra, Pace and the RTA; family members as well as retired employees are also eligible for membership.  NLFCU is a closed credit union meaning that membership can only come from Select Employer Groups. 

Mission Statement

Northside L Federal Credit Union is dedicated to providing competitive financial products and services to meet our member’s needs with the philosophy that our members are our most important asset.


Membership in the credit union means that you belong.  Membership in Northside L Federal Credit Union opens up all the services that your credit union offers.  Membership means you pay less interest on your loans and you earn more on all savings products.


A deposit of $100 in the regular savings (shares) will start your membership.  This is the minimum amount in your savings to keep your account open and allows participation in all credit union services.  

The Credit Union is Federally insured!

Each member’s account is insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a government agency. 

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